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Automotive Dealership Services


Automotive retail is a very competitive business in which minimizing dealership expenses is key to financial success.  Pivotal Tax Solutions can improve dealership financial performance by reducing local tax liabilities.

Auto Dealership Property Tax Minimization

Pivotal Tax Solutions specializes in reducing property tax exposure for auto dealership assets nationwide.  The firm represents properties for the largest publicly traded dealership entities as well as smaller groups, with assets in both large and small municipalities.

Unique Approach

We have found that numerous errors can be made by taxing authorities when assessing the value of dealership properties. While some of these may be obvious, such as square footage or use discrepancies, our team has been very successful in exposing other common but often overlooked assessment errors. By physically visiting dealerships and talking with their management we are better able to understand the challenges each asset faces, both physically and operationally.

New Construction Opportunity

New construction, whether ground-up development or a manufacturer mandated “refresh”, is an event that often leads to inaccurate assessments of dealership properties. By thoroughly reviewing the construction costs and effects on customer traffic and sales volume, we often discover opportunities for a reduction in the assessed value of the new or refreshed property.

Credits and Incentives

For those customers looking to build a new dealership, we can help ensure that they are able to take advantage of any available credits or incentives that may be available. We can also help owners find the most advantageous areas in which to build their dealerships based on these credits or incentives.


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