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Automotive Dealerships

A national auto dealership was on the right track and had been using a cadre of tax consulting firms to manage their real property interests in Arizona and around the country.  The consultants prior to Pivotal were using a standard industry process to try to earn reductions but had been largely unsuccessful. The dealership’s Arizona properties received no reductions; therefore, no savings.

Pivotal Tax Solutions convinced the dealership to give them three of their locations in Arizona to allow Pivotal to appeal the properties that their predecessors appealed the prior year.  In doing so, Pivotal was able to earn a total of 20.6% (four times the amount of their predecessors) in reductions on property valuations.

Now, Pivotal had the dealership’s attention and was rewarded with the dealership’s Nevada and Utah real property interests being entrusted to their care.  Once again, Pivotal delivered significant savings from the Nevada and Utah properties upon appeal.

Pivotal reset the bar, and the dealership realized that Pivotal, though not the largest, was the most knowledgeable, and capable.

Pivotal delivered results the prior firms had been unable to deliver. Pivotal, consequently, provided the dealership with that same unmatched support and high level of success in 18 states and 113 counties.


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