A bill clarifying who can file property tax appeals was signed into law by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval on June 9. In the words of Chris Glidewell, managing partner of Pivotal Tax Solutions, who initiated the efforts to clarify the existing law, “Property ownership, and the rules surrounding it, can sometimes be complex and challenging. Laws need to be adapted to the ever-changing business environment. It is up to our government officials to be cognizant, and flexible when considering these issues….”

The bill, Assembly Bill 452, will allow a person who owns or controls taxable property, or possesses in its entirety taxable property, to sign and/or authorize an appeal.  This makes it possible for those who manage properties, and in certain situations, lessee’s, to sign and file property tax appeals on behalf of various organizations that pay property taxes.  “This is a significant step in the right direction to protect taxpayers’ rights to appeal their property valuations if they believe they are incorrect,” said Glidewell.

Pivotal Tax Solutions, a tax advisory firm, would like to acknowledge and thank Chairman Derek Armstrong for sponsoring AB 452 along with help from Senate President Joseph Hardy and Senator Michael Roberson, Vice Chair of the Senate Finance Committee. Pivotal would like to also thank their valued partners, Carrara Nevada, Rocky Finseth, and Jenny Reese who were instrumental in seeing Bill 452 to fruition. The bill goes into effect on July 1, 2015.