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Government Relations and Legislation

Pivotal offers a complete line of government relation tax services that are designed to help our clients stay informed in this fast-paced world of changes in tax law, judicial decisions, and administrative rulings. 

For You

Pivotal works closely with its clients to provide knowledgeable insights into the legislative landscape that may affect complex tax decisions. We understand that time spent in shaping public policy issues can yield a greater rate of return than any other business strategy.

Our Services in the Area of Government Relations:

  • Drafting and Negotiating Legislation
  • Monitoring Issues
  • Testifying at Hearings
  • Lobbying Before Legislative & Administrative Agencies

Our Approach

Government relations activities also extend to state agencies, counties and city governments, as well as tribal governments.

While we are aggressive in our approach to address our client’s objectives, we do with a strict commitment to ethics in government and fair play. Because we are lobbyists and government relation advisors, clients are secure in the knowledge that we fully comprehend the legal and ethical considerations that pervade the business of legislative advocacy and we adhere to both the letter and the spirit of the law.


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