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Indirect Taxes

At Pivotal, our experienced tax professionals assist clients in cutting through the complexities of indirect taxes through innovative approaches that help minimize our clients’ indirect tax exposure and help recover funds that may have been erroneously paid to the taxing authorities. 

Innovative Service

Pivotal offers a comprehensive line of multi-state sales and indirect tax services. These unique services are designed to help our clients minimize their transactional tax liabilities and to recover any overpayment of taxes that may have occurred due to a change in law, judicial decisions, administrative rulings or an erroneous interpretation by the taxing jurisdiction with minimal disruption to our client’s business operations. 

Reverse Audits

To help our clients reduce their transactional tax liabilities, we use our extensive experience and knowledge to cut through the tax minutiae of the over 10,000 state and local taxing jurisdictions to identify tax overpayments, file refund claims to recover these taxes and assist our clients to prevent future overpayments. A unique part of our service is that we also look for potential underpayments of taxes to help our clients mitigate these potential liabilities, as we believe we should be assisting our clients with the overall tax liabilities.

Audit Defense

We assist clients with pre-audit reviews, dealing directly with auditors, managing the flow of documentation and resolving technical issues so that we are ensuring that the client’s audit burden is minimized to the fullest extent possible. As part of our audit defense services, we resolve unclear tax positions, so that our clients don’t face future audit liabilities.

Voluntary Disclosure and Registration

We assist clients in resolving past tax liabilities by negotiating voluntary disclosure agreements (VDAs) with the best results possible. We have worked extensively with taxing jurisdiction officials to resolve complex issues, minimize the impact on the client’s business operations, and negotiate favorable VDA terms.

Consulting Services

We assist clients in determining the best tax technology to use in their business operations, provide in-depth tax research based on the clients’ circumstances and if necessary, obtain taxpayer rulings for complex tax issues, develop taxability matrixes for their individual business operations, and provide strategic planning to help minimize potential tax liabilities as a result of acquisitions or divestitures. No question and/or issue is too small to assist our clients.

Nexus Studies

When the customer receives a questionnaire from a state to which they send goods, the Pivotal team helps determine when and where the customer should be collecting or remitting sales and use tax, using a multi-state review process.

Private Taxpayer Rulings

Occasionally, a taxpayer wants the benefit of a Private Taxpayer Ruling on an issue specific and unique to a business or industry. Pivotal has the experience and expertise in seeking these types of specific ruling requests.

Taxability Manual

We can provide a comprehensive taxability decision matrix specifically for our clients’ industry. This would assist tax and accounts payable personnel in properly paying and accounting for tax payments and liabilities.


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