Indirect Taxes

The experienced tax professionals at Pivotal are your advocates and partners to cut through the complexities of indirect taxes to minimize clients’ indirect tax exposure and recover any erroneously paid tax funds.

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Innovative Service

Pivotal offers a comprehensive line of multi-state sales and indirect tax services.

Sales and Use Tax

Pivotal’s sales tax and indirect tax services are designed to minimize clients’ transactional tax liabilities and recover any tax overpayment that occurred due to a change in law, judicial decisions, administrative rulings or an erroneous interpretation by the taxing jurisdiction. Our consultants accomplish this with minimal disruption to your normal business operations.

Our Process

We use a multi-state review process to identify when and where our customers should be collecting or remitting sales and use tax. Pivotal also provides counsel, expertise, and experience for clients seeking the benefit of a Private Taxpayer Ruling request on issues specific or unique to their business or industry.

Audit Representation

Our team works with clients to review the accounting process and tax liabilities. We perform pre-audit reviews, deal directly with auditors, manage the flow of documentation, and resolve technical issues that arise during audits. As your partner and advocate, Pivotal’s consultants represent clients and thoroughly handle the audit to ensure that the client’s audit burden is minimized as much as possible.

Nexus Studies

When the customer receives a questionnaire from a state to which they send goods, the Pivotal team helps determine when and where the customer should be collecting or remitting sales and use tax, using a multi-state review process.

Private Taxpayer Rulings

Occasionally, a taxpayer wants the benefit of a Private Taxpayer Ruling on an issue specific and unique to a business or industry. Pivotal has the experience and expertise in seeking these types of specific ruling requests.

Taxability Manual

We can provide a comprehensive taxability decision matrix specifically for our clients’ industry. This would assist tax and accounts payable personnel in properly paying and accounting for tax payments and liabilities.

Our family owned company has done business this way for over 25 years. We want to be your counselor, partner, and strong advocate.