Business Personal Property Taxes

Pivotal Tax Solutions offers complete business personal property services. Our team specializes in asset classification, compliance, and review to minimize tax liability.

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How We Find You Reductions

At Pivotal, we review and remove retired assets, analyze valuation tables and realign assets to ensure maximum depreciation.

We also review capacity utilization, compare to national data, determine reasons for obsolescence and negotiate “value-in-use.”

Finding Reductions

Our client centric approach assists with the categorization and organization of assets. Pivotal reviews all information to appropriately classify and determine appropriate depreciation for all tangible assets and business personal property. We are your advocates and partners in the valuation appeals process.

Our expertise and experience with business personal property cases provides clients with the most current and accurate classifications for asset depreciation.

Compliance, Audits, and Filing Returns

Pivotal Tax Solutions is your third party provider for renditions and reporting. Our property tax consultants are experienced attorneys and experts in compliance and reporting systems in all 50 states. We handle the tedious reporting required by law and assist clients with our property tax return preparation and filing services. Let Pivotal be your advocate and partner to handle the mandatory compliance reporting.   

Our tax attorneys closely monitor judicial decisions, changes in tax law, and administrative rulings. Our findings allow us to review prior years’ tax returns to identify over-reporting and discover tax savings. Pivotal’s property tax accounts perform reverse audits to see if any other savings can be identified.


Our family owned company has done business this way for over 25 years. We want to be your counselor, partner, and strong advocate.