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It’s a pleasure to recommend Pivotal Tax Solutions…

It’s a pleasure to recommend Pivotal Tax Solutions. They have been professional in our dealings and focused in their efforts minimizing our property tax expenses. Pivotal Tax Solutions has worked in the various states where AutoNation does business, and in all stages of the hearing process, administratively and in litigation.

Patricia Dengler

Senior Director of Tax, AutoNation

Extremely attentive to our needs…

Their engagement permitted us to consolidate the multiple tax consulting companies located throughout the US that we were working with. Pivotal has been a great partner, extremely attentive to our needs and supportive of our business processes.

Byron Ayle

Senior Director of Real Estate Administration, PetSmart, Inc.

Pivotal has been a long-term partner…

Pivotal Tax Solutions has been a long-term partner to Pacifica Host Hotels and has helped us reduce property taxes on our many locations. Pivotal Tax Solutions has not only been able to secure reductions on our real estate taxes but has also provided Pacifica with business personal property compliance as well sales and use tax consulting services.

Sushil Israni

Managing Partner, Pacifica Host Hotels

industry leading customer service and expert knowledge…

Pivotal represents all of Group1’s assets in numerous jurisdictions spanning across our entire United States portfolio. Their industry leading customer service and expert knowledge have helped us operate more efficiently. Pivotal has been a great resource for our company as it pertains to the ever-changing landscape of property taxes.

Angela Weinstein

Vice President of Tax, Group 1 Automotive, Inc.

Outstanding service…

Over the years, Pivotal has provided Oldcastle with knowledge and expertise along with outstanding service in effectively managing and minimizing our property tax liability. They work diligently to get the lowest possible valuation on our properties. Pivotal is knowledgeable and informed on the valuation issues affecting properties in our industry.

Alex Popovich

SVP of Finance, Oldcastle APG

An invaluable resource to our operations…

Our relationship with Pivotal has proven to be an invaluable resource to our operations. Property taxes represent a sizeable portion of our expenses and we have found the team at Pivotal to be our go to experts when it comes to lowering our property taxes. From their appeal results to customizing client services to our specific needs, we have been very pleased with our decision to use Pivotal Tax as our sole provider.

Brian Welker

President, Sunridge Hotel Group

Pivotal has proved themselves as a key advocate…

Pivotal has proved themselves as a key advocate to Lithia’s business enterprise by providing outstanding service that has exceeded our expectations. They have been professional, responsive, and innovative in providing their unique property tax prospective to the auto industry for Lithia operations throughout the United States.

Alyse Reichensperger

Corporate Controller, Lithia Motors

A strategic, informed, and innovative partner…

Pivotal has visited our properties, making sure they are fully educated on each unique property and how to achieve the lowest possible tax liability for Insteel, resulting in decreases in our overhead costs. Pivotal has been a strategic, informed, and innovative partner in their various approaches to reducing our real property taxes across the nation while ensuring all our service needs are consistently met or exceeded. 

Jasper Kiger

Tax Manager, Insteel Industries

Extremely happy…

 We are extremely happy with the services Pivotal has provided us. When we request assistance Pivotal always responds in a timely manner. We have found Pivotal Tax Solutions to be a rising star among our various property tax vendors and look forward to a long term and mutually beneficial relationship.

Michael Alcantara

Assistant Controller - Property Tax, Fairfield Residential

Extensive automotive industry experience…

They have become a valuable part of our tax planning strategy. Pivotal brings to the table extensive automotive industry experience and a focus that has been beneficial to our organization. They continue to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and excellent customer service.

Jerimy A. Bean

CFO, Sames Motor Co.

Top-tier customer service…

…has been a pleasure to work with Pivotal. In addition to achieving meaningful tax savings year after year, Pivotal has provided our team with invaluable tax knowledge pertaining to all states and localities of Cavco facilities. With consistent reporting and communication, we are impressed with the top-tier customer service Pivotal has to offer. Pivotal has been strategic, informed, and innovative in their various approaches to reducing our property taxes across the nation while ensuring all our service needs are met or exceeded. 

Trent Hall

Director of Tax and Treasury, Cavco Industries, Inc.

Integral part of our business…

Their property tax services have been an integral part of our business operations. Pivotal has been reliable and consistent with meeting or exceeding our expectations. Their professional and reliable service in combination with their hard work to appeal our various properties in all stages of the hearing process has led to a prosperous business relationship and successful property tax reductions.

Walter Espina

Corporate Controller, Drake Cement

Diligent and thorough…

We have found Pivotal Tax to be diligent and thorough in these negotiations with the tax departments. They collect key information from our dealerships, gauge the appropriateness of the valuations and not only file the appeals, but participate in the final process.

Tracie Moreau

VP of Tax & Accounting, Flow Companies

Pivotal has been professional and attentive…

They have worked hard to secure the lowest legal values for our properties, which has resulted in many successful value reductions. Pivotal has been professional and attentive throughout the various stages of appeals.

David Colton

President and Founder, Colton Capital

Pivotal has exceeded our expectations…

Pivotal has exceeded our expectations with consistent and personalized reporting, a dedication to understanding our business operations and properties, and unparalleled customer service.

Nathan Manning

Owner, Beehive Homes