Business Incentives & Credits

State and local governments offer companies many options to help inspire business growth within their communities. Pivotal helps clients understand the incentives available to them and negotiates with the appropriate parties to maximize those benefits for their clients.

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Business Incentives
& Credits

Pivotal Tax Solutions offers a comprehensive line of services to help clients identify and secure tax and financial benefits associated with expansion, relocation, hiring, research, and other significant expenditures.

Zone-Based Tax Credits & Incentives

Enterprise Zones, Foreign Trade Zones, and Empowerment Zones offer incentives to hire and retain employees who live and work in these locations. These credits and/or incentives come in the form of state income tax credits, property tax abatements, etc.


Workforce Training Grants & Incentives

To help raise the skill level of your employees, many state and local jurisdictions provide grants to subsidize eligible costs of training new employees and in some cases, existing workers.


Environmental Equipment Exemption

Many states provide tax credits on real or personal property used to control or prevent pollution.


Lease Excise Tax

The Government Property Lease Excise Tax Program has been established by many state and local jurisdictions and is available to businesses that lease parcels from the city rather than own them outright. All real property tax is waived and replaced with an excise tax that is an established rate per square foot, and is based upon the type of use.


Relocation & Expansion Tax Services

Pivotal includes a comprehensive state and local tax and incentives comparison of every location under consideration as well as negotiating with the state, county and city jurisdictions on behalf of our clients.


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